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Why Freshers face challenged to get job

Lack Of Real World Experience

A quarter of those we polled in our recent graduate survey said being rejected for jobs for not having enough experience was the toughest issue they face as a graduate jobseeker. And sometimes, the feedback from employers can be even more frustrating than that. “I have commercial experience plus a postgraduate [degree] so frequently get told I’m underqualified and overqualified”, said one of the graduates who responded to the question.

Too High Expectations

Many graduates complete their university studies and expect to hand pick the job they want. Furthermore, graduates have an expectation they know what is best and should actually be the boss rather than working for the boss. Too many times, new graduates will apply for job positions which are so unrealistic and then get despondent because they are not getting interview requests. It’s important for graduates to realise that they need to gain the experience before they can call themselves the boss


The key advice to all graduates (and those preparing to graduate) is to seek work experience. This advice seems like common sense however gaining work experience (even if it means working for free) can help you plan out your career and gain vital experience in competitive industries. When the time comes to apply for full time work, your work experience can be the difference in setting you apart from your competitors. Freshers can start getting trained from college level with new technology which are in demand before graduate. Do have some certifications which help to get HR attention. Should be thorough with basic concept of tools used at time of studying.

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